Sixth week of pregnancy

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Future child

Height - from 0.6 to 0.9 cm, weight - undefined, weight - undefined.

Your baby will be about the size of a green pea by the end of the week. Every minute a million new cells are added to his body! The most important news is that from 21 days after fertilization, we can see on a special device how the baby's heart is pulsing. It can already pump blood and is even divided into right and left halves. A system of blood vessels is being created.

Eyes, ears, nose and mouth are actively formed. These are just points so far. But the eye already has an eye cup and a future lens. The larynx and inner ear have already arisen.

The arms and legs begin to separate from the body. They are still very funny, with membranes like flippers, but soon the membranes will disappear and tiny fingers will appear. It is also possible that the baby still has gill arches, but he is already building his respiratory system - the rudiments of the bronchi appear.

The primary kidney has already emerged, the ureter and sex glands (gonads), as well as the pancreas and liver, are being formed. The liver starts producing blood cells.

But the spinal cord and the central nervous system develop the fastest and most strongly, which is why we can see on ultrasound a kind of "tail" in the embryo, which will then "die off". We can talk about the emergence of paired hemispheres of the future brain and cerebellum. There is a complete closure of the neural tube, this is a sign that the prototype of the entire nervous system has been built. Folic acid plays a significant role in its formation.

We remind you that it must be taken by all pregnant women either as part of a multivitamin, or separately, if your vitamins do not contain enough of it. The required dose is 0.4 mg per day.

The embryo is in a bladder filled with amniotic fluid. The placenta develops. In a few weeks, she will take on the role of protecting and nourishing your baby, as well as producing the necessary hormones. Now this role is played by the corpus luteum (yolk sac).

Future mom

It's time to schedule a visit to the antenatal clinic in your schedule. It is advisable to do this before 9 weeks in order to undergo an ultrasound scan and take the necessary tests at 10 weeks.

The main danger of this period is the possibility of miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy. Therefore, a woman should pay close attention to everything that happens in her body, and do not hesitate to consult a doctor, even with nonsense, in the opinion of others, symptoms. If we are talking about pain in the lower abdomen or lower back and bloody discharge, an urgent call for an ambulance is required.

You notice the first fluctuations in weight - usually this is an increase in waist volume, but if you are tormented by toxicosis, then you may even have lost a few pounds. It is worth worrying only when the weight changes extremely sharply, and also if dehydration is observed.

You can also note the darkening of the areolae, breast swelling and even its soreness, as sometimes happens with menstruation - this is how your mammary glands work hard, tuning in to future lactation.

Fatigue and irritability get worse day by day. Often the cause of this is exhausting toxicosis. How to get along with toxicosis correctly? There are several recommendations that can significantly facilitate the life of an expectant mother until the 12th week of pregnancy, when, finally, toxicosis should disappear by itself.

There are two main troubles - an increased sensitivity to odors (especially smells of food, perfume, exhaust gases) and aversion to certain types of food. As an exotic thing, there are examples that women developed intolerance to the male smell of their beloved spouse. So what do you do?

1. Determine the cause of the discomfort and eliminate it (if possible). It is still impossible to get rid of all odors, but at least in the morning, when the sensitivity of a pregnant woman is increased, it is worth protecting yourself from contact with unpleasant objects. If you are sick of the trash can smell, have someone in your family take out the trash. If you feel sick from the smell of dog food, entrust the feeding of the animal to your husband or child.

2. Organize yourself a quiet morning. A sharp rise and panic getting to work is a sure way to an attack of toxicosis. Do something nice for yourself. Don't jump out of bed like crazy - on the contrary, allow yourself to soak up extra minutes in it. Place a tray of fruit or juices next to your bed to soothe nausea.

3. Toxicosis can cause low blood sugar. The best way to boost your sugar is to eat something. Therefore, give up the traditional three meals a day, and even more so forget to think about diets. Eat frequently. Carry an apple or grape, juice, water - whatever so that you have something to chew on when you start to feel sick. Naturally, these products should be good for the stomach and baby. Avoid fatty and spicy foods. Milk, yogurt, juices, cereal breads and rolls, cheese, avocado, peanut butter are very useful. Many pregnant women are helped in emergencies by mint caramel or even just chewing gum.

4. It so happens that the body of a pregnant woman does not want to take any multivitamins or nutritional supplements. Then you should try vitamins from another manufacturer.

5. Walk more often and breathe fresh air. Even if it is very bad for you to go outside or at least to the balcony. In general, frequent walks in places where there are many trees or water are recommended for pregnant women. This gives tone to the entire body. The prohibition on any movement occurs only when you feel a sharp pain in the lower abdomen, and you start bloody discharge from the vagina. Then in no case should you move, go to bed and call a doctor!

6. If you are driving, be sure to aim the fan or turn on the air conditioner. It is very good to have an air ionizer for the car in the cabin. Oddly enough, in a state of toxicosis it is better to drive the car itself - in the passenger seat, it is more motion sick.

7. Reduce stress levels by all means. Any emotional disorder (and there are many of them in pregnant women) can cause stomach cramps and vomiting. If your job is stressful and not very enjoyable, then consider how to change your job responsibilities or quit altogether.

8. Very often acupressure brings relief. There is a point 5 centimeters above the crease line on the inside of your wrist that you can press to relieve a nausea or headache. There are special straps for acupressure, they are sold in pharmacies. They help 60% of women.

9. Wear comfortable clothing that does not compress your body anywhere.

10. Sleep toxicosis. If possible, try to sleep at a time when attacks usually start.

Every woman finds her own cure for toxicosis by trial and error. We offer a list of products that can help you with toxicosis and heartburn:
- ginger in all forms - from biscuits to extract in capsules,
- lemon and all derivatives up to lemon caramels,
- tea - chamomile, raspberry and mint,
- Apple juice,
- papaya juice,
- sparkling water with lemon,
- watermelon,
- grapes,
- avocado,
- bananas,
- tomatoes,
- carrot,
- potatoes and even potato chips,
- oatmeal and cereal,
- crackers,
- yogurt.

Do not use:
- fried,
- very salty,
- spicy,
- sausages,
- scrambled eggs,
- onion,
- cabbage - sauerkraut, white cabbage and cauliflower,
- caffeinated drinks, including Coca-Cola and Pepsi.

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