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Many people call cats the most beautiful creatures in the world. It is a small carnivorous mammal, very beloved by people for their sociability and ability to hunt rodents and household insect pests. Cats have been said to have been around humans for at least 9,500 years, and today they are without a doubt the most popular pets in the world.

Usually, when people decide to have pets, the eyes immediately fall on cats. After all, they are funny and good-natured, they are considered safe for children. It's pretty easy to get them and keep them. They are ideal companions who do not demand much from their masters. All they need is a roof over their heads in inclement weather, and regular meals. Humans have successfully trained cats to go to a specific location. A simple tray or tray is suitable for this role; after a few training sessions, the issues of cleaning the cat will be largely resolved.

Often people try to get pedigreed cats, although among the homeless creatures there are many adorable animals that also need a warm corner. In general, cats perfectly complement any home. And there are quite a few varieties of even these pets. We will tell below about the most popular cat breeds, because they differ not only in appearance, but also in their character.

Persian cat. This cat belongs to the long-haired breed. She has a round face and a short muzzle. It is believed that the Persians are the most popular breed, because they are quite loving and devoted to their master. The origin of these cats is not completely clear. It is believed that the breed is one of the strangest, and these cats appeared apparently in Persia, now Iran. Since the end of the 19th century, Persians have become the recognized favorites of feline fans. Initially, the British worked on this breed, and after the Second World War, the Americans also joined them. In Great Britain, these cats were called long-haired or Persian hairy. The owners of this breed are not discouraged by the fact that such cats need daily careful handling and maintenance. After all, care for a pet is compensated by his affection and personal loyalty. But the hair of the Persians can become a real nightmare for its owner, growing in length up to three inches. These cats are known to love comfort, which gives them a sense of security.

Siamese cat. This breed is one of the most characteristic varieties of oriental cats. Although its exact origin is unknown, it is believed that it originated in Southeast Asia. By modern standards, a Siamese cat should have an elegant, thin, graceful, lithe and muscular body. The head is triangular, with a thin muzzle, and the ears are rather large. These cats have a toned, athletic body shape. The eyes of Siamese cats are almond-shaped, slanting. Their coat is short, shiny, thin, rather stiff and pressed to the body. Siamese cats have a fairly typical color scheme. It is called color point. It is a light-colored coat with darkening on the feet, face, tail and ears. These animals love to be in the very center of attention, they want to be taken care of. Siamese cats are quite sociable, don't be surprised if they suddenly start screaming - they just want to chat. Typically, members of this breed can start making noise or moan loudly if ignored. Siamese cats love to be stroked. They are very loyal to people, often becoming attached to one master. It is believed that these cats are quite intelligent and know how to truly love.

Maine Coon. This breed is distinguished by its large bone structure, rectangular body shape. These cats have a very long and showy tail. The Maine Coon breed is considered one of the oldest on the planet. Representatives of it can have different colors, such cats are distinguished by high intelligence. The breed is one of the largest. Cats weigh on average 5-8 kilograms, and cats weigh 4-6. Representatives of the breed even reached a weight of 15 kilograms. These animals are very hardy, they are distinguished by love for their owners and tenderness. Although they have long fur, they require much less maintenance than the Persians. Usually, the Maine Coon kitten immediately joins the family, it is safe for children to play with it. The animals are very kind and love to play.

Abyssinian cat. There are many legends about the origin of this cat. However, almost all of them associate the animal with Egypt. And outwardly, they resemble some kind of statuette from the times of that ancient civilization. This breed is one of the most popular shorthaired in the United States today. Cats have a beautiful and long neck, their eyes are slanted, ears stick out. The coat is of medium length, dense and silky to the touch. It attracts attention, because in addition to the main color, there are three or four others on it, making up stripes. At its root the hair is lightest, darkening towards the tip. These cats have a very strong body. They are generally quite active, do not like to sit around. Abyssinians are very fond of people for whom such cats do not cause much trouble, because they are so easy to care for.

Ragdolls. This cat breed is one of the largest domesticated. Ragdolls have a sturdy body, great fashion, and proportionally folded legs. Cats have blue eyes, and the skin can be of different colors. In total, there are three varieties - two-tone, color-point and gloves. Moreover, each has four of its own tones. Cats are large and muscular with a medium coat. It is also distinguished by the fact that it practically does not fall into lumps. The weight of cats reaches 7-10 kilograms. The tail of cats is long and fluffy. The breed was bred in the 1960s by the American breeder Ann Baker. Ragdolls have become more and more popular lately. After all, they have a very affectionate and calm character, they are very obedient. The name itself translates as "rag doll". This refers to the cat's manner of literally relaxing and dropping off when picked up. Such gentle creatures are very suitable for the household. But such a high degree of obedience can play a cruel joke with them. After all, these cats may not even defend themselves if another animal attacks them. Therefore, it is best not to let them go outside, where they can meet aggressive enemies. Curiously, as a result of selection, these cats received a reduced muscle tone. As a result, when falling on all paws, they simply do not know how to land, unlike their other relatives.

Exot. This breed was born randomly. About half a century ago, American breeders tried to improve their shorthaired breed. To make the bone more massive, and the color more varied, the American cat was crossed with the Persian. However, the result surprised everyone. From these two breeds appeared not an improved "American", but a completely new - exotic shorthair. These heavy and fat-footed cats have absorbed all the best from their ancestors: size, bone, the kind character of the Persians, the short hair of the Americans. And these animals look really exotic. His character is livelier than that of a long-haired ancestor. Exots are very curious and love to play, they are friends not only with other cats, but even with dogs. But such a cat meows infrequently. Exots really do not like to be alone, they need the owner to be always there. Although his voice or smell will be enough. Exotics have the ability to love and be loyal to people much more than other cats. They love to spend time in the lap of their masters. The calm and balanced nature of these animals makes them ideal creatures for home apartments. Nevertheless, exotics have retained some of the features of their American ancestors, in particular, they are not afraid to hunt mice.

Bush cat. This breed is considered almost the largest of all domestic cats. These animals are tall and slender, it seems that they are more than they really weigh. It seems to be something in between a serval and a domestic cat. Savannah cats are compared to dogs in their affection; they may well follow their owners around the house. These animals will not be difficult to teach to walk on a leash. The breed is reported to be very social, cats find language easily with new people and other animals. True, some, at the sight of a stranger, can run and hide or hiss and growl. A key factor in the future sociability of such a cat is the impact on it of other people and pets during its growing up. This breed has no personality problems associated with this exotic hybrid. They are no more shy or more aggressive than their fellow tribesmen. But the owners of savannah cats are very distinguished by the intelligence of these animals. They are said to love jumping. These cats are very inquisitive, trying to penetrate wherever possible. Often these cats know how to open doors and wardrobes, so the owners need to take certain precautions so that valuable items do not fall into the paws of the pet. Surprisingly, these cats are not at all afraid of water, many can play in it or even completely immerse themselves in it. The most daring owners even take a joint shower with their cats.

Burmese cats. This breed was officially recognized in France, it happened in 1925. However, it is believed that from the European branch after the Second World War, only two representatives survived. Over time, the new breed attracted the British at French shows, who transported several cats to themselves. And in 1960, a couple of kittens went to Miss Griswold, an American breeder. In 1967, the breed was officially recognized in the United States. This shorthaired cat is still considered foreign there. She has yellow eyes and a very soft pleasant glossy coat. It does not require special care for itself; simple strokes will be enough. As a result of crossing with Siamese cats, the color of the eyes can change to green or blue. In a pure Burmese cat, blue eye color is not possible for genetic reasons. Burmese cats are very fond of socializing, like Siamese. However, their voice is more pleasant. This breed is very attached to its owners, trusting people.

Manx tailless cat. This breed stands out noticeably from others, because its spine naturally mutated. As a result, the tail is noticeably reduced. It looks more like a stump. However, this is not the result of outside interference, but a distinctive feature of the breed. Experienced owners say that Manx are able to hunt even a large prey even when they are still young. Manx often serve farmers by killing rodents. The hind legs of these cats are larger than the front ones, so an arch is formed from the shoulders to the croup, giving the animal a rounded appearance. Manx ears are smaller than most other cats. The head of the animal is round and very expressive, the eyes are kind, and the nose is small. This breed can be of any color, including tortie, striped, or solid color. Manx are very fond of people, they are smart and playful. And this breed also has nothing against water procedures, which is quite important in light of caring for them.

Sphinx. This breed is actually referred to as the Canadian or Mexican Hairless. A distinctive feature of such cats is the complete absence of hair on them. It may seem that these animals are naked, but in reality they are not. The texture of their skin is somewhat similar to suede. As a result, the cat is the complete opposite of the Persian - the sphinx has very thin and short hair. Such cats also have large and expressive eyes. Since this breed does not have a warm coat that rescues in cold weather, cats are forced to stay as close to humans as possible. And such a neighborhood attracts many, because not everyone is devoid of an allergy to wool. Sphynxes love to sleep with their owners, snuggling up to them under the covers. The lack of hair makes the animals quite warm and pleasant to touch. Their skin or fur has a wide variety of colors - spots, striped, tortoiseshell, and so on. Due to the lack of sphinx hair, you need to bathe regularly. After all, they do not have fur to absorb natural oils into the skin. But these cats are very fond of water procedures. They also need to trim their nails and clean their ears, that's all the care. Sphinxes are known to be vibrant extroverts. They are quite energetic, very intelligent and inquisitive and adore their masters. Such cats love affection and respond in kind to their owners. Sphinxes can spend hours on end and love to interact with children.

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