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These are very cunning men, they do not shun intrigues, undercover games, one might even say, they feel like a fish in water. They are characterized by stubbornness, moreover, the Gennadievichs are desperate disputants and it is almost impossible to convince them.

They do not have mental agility and do not like hasty decisions, prefer to think everything over carefully and only then act, others consider them slow for this.

Punctuality is a quality that is not at all inherent in Gennadievichs. Once you make an appointment with them, be prepared to wait.

In their work, they show enviable perseverance and perseverance if the result is very important to them, otherwise they become cold and act "slipshod".

In their hearts, they would like to occupy leading positions, they strive for them in every possible way, again, through intrigue and gossip, but in fact they rarely reach great career heights.

In family life, this is just a volcano of passions. The fact is that the Gennadievichs are very jealous. God forbid the spouse lingers after a corporate party - a stormy showdown with screams is guaranteed.

But the Gennadievichs are very fond of guests and a wide feast, where they can show all their sincerity, their talent as a skillful storyteller. These men are absolutely not greedy, sometimes even excessively generous, they can surprise their beloved woman with a gorgeous gift, while spending money on food.

Gennadievna are very modest women. They do not strive for career success, prefer to work conscientiously, are alien to gossip and intrigue, but they cannot be called simple-minded.

Sometimes, with a discouraging naive smile, she can make a clever combination, as a result of which no one will understand how it happened that this particular woman got the main "jackpot".

Women born in winter are more talented. Due to this, their desire for self-realization is much higher, they are persistent in achieving goals, they are characterized by persistence, they always bring what they started to their logical end.

These women love to take their vacations away from home, traveling and adventures. They love theaters, exhibitions and parties. And, although they are not the main characters there, they, having relaxed, having talked, leave vivid impressions, subsequently becoming the subject of discussion.

In marriage, Gennadievna rarely change partners, preferring stability, confidence in the future. It is not uncommon to see a situation when such a woman has a walking or drinking dissolute husband, and she has all the threads of house management in her hands - both the children are fed, and the budget is damaged, and she herself, sighing sadly, sits and waits for the return of the faithful.

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