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Meaning of the name

Matilda in translation from ancient German means "dangerous beauty".


Since childhood, little Matilda has shown a very strong will. Around her there must be people with a balanced psyche and strong will, otherwise Matilda will completely suppress her parents. She is very active, quickly remembers everything she saw or heard.

She studies well at school, shows brilliant abilities and perseverance, perseverance and purposefulness. She has a synthetic type of thinking, teachers and parents should teach her to go deeper into the topic, explaining that deep knowledge is much more needed than superficial. Matilda is very sociable, easily finds a common language with classmates.

The distinctive features of an adult Matilda are ambition, a desire to be the first always and everywhere. She is able to bring to the end the most difficult and overwhelming task, she is respected among the people around her. Matilda is objective and self-confident.

Matilda is a man of action and is unlikely to spend time explaining something to an inexperienced employee - she will prefer to do this or that work, giving the student the right to observe its activities. However, she helps someone extremely rarely and with great reluctance. He does not seek help from others, preferring to achieve everything on his own.

Matilda is distinguished by a somewhat masculine manner of leading, the same can be said about the character of this woman - her firmness, determination, purposefulness are truly masculine.

She is easy-going, but she does not commit rash acts, she always acts with calculation. Most often he chooses the profession of an artist, designer, sculptor, or works in the field of management, business, advertising.

Matilda is generous, generous, loves to party, has a well-developed intuition, well versed in people. A faithful friend, however, is not inclined to rush to help at the first call - she prefers to give a person a chance to cope with problems and troubles himself.

Matilda has good health, so she does not spare herself, does not adhere to the daily regimen, eats irrationally, works too much. Her weak points: the genitals and the autonomic nervous system.


Matilda is extremely attractive, sophisticated, aristocratic, sensual and loving. Her sexuality combines pleasure, soulful sex, happiness and unhappiness. She seeks to live a full sex life, experiences true pleasure from intimacy.

If it brings benefits, he can drop the restrictions and change his moral principles, he will fight for his chosen one, applying the principle "all means are good for victory."

After getting married, he usually calms down, turning into a wonderful hospitable hostess, cooks well, knows how to entertain guests and unobtrusively use advantageous acquaintances in his own interests. I agree that my husband should take a leading position in the family, but leaves independence for himself.

He devotes a lot of time to raising children, showing attention, exactingness, combined with mother's affection and love.


Crimson, yellow.

A rock


Zodiac sign

Scorpio, Aries, Gemini, Leo, Virgo.


The word Matilda gives the impression of something good, kind, safe.

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