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Meaning of the name

Ludmila translated from Old Slavonic means "dear to people".


Little Lyudochka has an excellent auditory memory, quickly remembers information, is very curious, and is easily excitable. He reacts to undesirable situations very quickly, he cannot always control his emotions.

By temperament, she is a choleric, she pays little attention to the spoken words. She is caring, condescending, she has love for her neighbor.

Growing up, Lyudmila attaches more and more importance to the observance of moral rules and moral principles. She is self-critical, a little sly, sociable, an impeccable hostess. It seems to others that Lyudmila has an iron will, but this is a wrong impression. She is quite aggressive, excitable and very vulnerable.

Work for Lyudmila is a battlefield, and to achieve her goal she sometimes goes beyond what is permitted. She is a born leader and rarely accepts a secondary role. Lyudmila does not like regulated work, she has good intuition, which allows her to quickly find the right decisions.

Lyudmila, having an analytical mindset, sometimes gives too much attention to trifles, becoming unfair and biased. Possesses the qualities of a professional player. For the sake of achieving the goal, she is able to take risks, bluff.

Lyudmila, born in winter, is very demanding, even despotic, towards herself and those around her. Differs in pride, fearlessness. She is rich in soul, has a big loving heart, where there is enough space for everyone. Most often he holds leadership positions.

Born in the spring, she is overly sensitive to other people's troubles, and to her own, even minor, failures. Sentimental, does not like to quarrel with friends. He chooses the profession of an educator or teacher-philologist, can become an artist, fashion designer, photo model.

Born in summer, she easily finds a common language with men, is passionate and sexy. Smart, kind, resourceful. Possessing an excellent memory and extraordinary imagination, he can succeed in theater or cinema, in the circus arena, in choreography or in rhythmic gymnastics.

Born in the fall, Lyudmila is independent, self-reliant and loving, has the ability to versification, can succeed as a journalist or writer.

Lyudmila is usually very hardy and rarely complains of ailments. A clear daily routine does not matter to her. With age, she should pay more attention to her diet, pay attention to the bronchi and nervous system. As a result of impaired circulation, she may develop varicose veins.


Lyudmila is outwardly very attractive, sociable, but until she is convinced of the sincerity of her partner's feelings, there can be no talk of a close relationship. This woman strives for love, wants to be loved and love, take and give.

However, romantic impulses are combined in her soul with a cold calculation - she will not pay attention to a person who is not able to provide her comfortable existence. Somewhat unstable moral principles only give it a charm.

She is very jealous, not prone to cheating, extremely sexy, loves everything beautiful and chic. Lyudmila loves to receive guests, tries to please everyone and be "the very best", which sometimes has a bad effect on her relationships with others and with her husband.

Calm men striving for a quiet, comfortable home, dreaming of a sweet "home" wife is not on the way with her. But for passionate adventure lovers, she can become an excellent friend, an assistant in all endeavors.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn and Pisces.


The sound of the name Lyudmila gives the impression of something good, beautiful, safe, smooth, round, kind, light, gentle, feminine, cheerful, joyful.

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