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Meaning of the name

Kasyan translated from Latin means "empty"


From early childhood, Kasyan is distinguished by assertiveness, depth of feelings and tremendous pride. He is determined and courageous, often aspiring to the role of a leader. But he must be prepared for a too harsh rebuff. If he is not strong enough, he can be broken.

At the same time, the groovy, energy is unlikely to allow Kasyan to calm down easily, so the negative consequences of conflicts will bother him for a very long time, exhausting the nervous system or even leading to the development of any complexes.

The task of the parents is to direct the energy of Kasyan in a creative direction. Here, having become infected with any interest, Kasyan is often capable of miracles, devoting all his mighty energy to his beloved work. His increased sensitivity also plays an important role, and not only to his own suffering.

He is always ready to courageously come to the rescue. It is a pity that sometimes he is too actively taken to help, imperceptibly trying to subordinate the injured person to his will. In other words, it will not hurt him to learn some moderation, otherwise his help and sympathy may become intrusive.

Another important aspect of the name is Kasyan's wonderful imagination. His passionate nature now and then inclines him to some kind of adventures, if not in real life, then at least in dreams.

There are many gamblers among the Kasyans, although, oddly enough, they do not like to win. Here, too, caution will not hurt, since excitement, combined with excessive sympathy for the enemy, can provide Kasyan with a complete loss. For the rest, this is a loyal, reliable person, except that he, perhaps, takes life too seriously, and he lacks a calm humor. But this is a profitable business.

It is interesting that although Kasian strives to lead in almost all spheres of communication, he usually does not even have a hint of his superiority. He can remember grievances for a long time, but you cannot call him vindictive; rather, this pain from the conflict does not imply revenge.

In relations between people, Kasyan most of all values ​​loyalty, honesty and justice. At the very least, don't be late if you have an appointment with him.


Kasyan's sensitivity is inextricably linked to sex. Having once experienced pleasure, he seeks to experience it again and tirelessly seeks a woman who can satisfy him, give him the opportunity to feel bliss again.

Kasyan, in case of failure, becomes irritable, disappointed and annoyed. The feeling of dissatisfaction does not leave him. Naturally, he thinks about the reasons for this and begins to look for them in himself.

However, with love and great respect for each other, all these thoughts fade into the background. The satisfaction of the beloved is the main source of Kasyan's happiness.


Dull red.

A rock

Red jasper.

Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Kasyan gives the impression of something active, strong, brave, joyful.

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