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Meaning of the name

Inessa translated from Spanish means "immaculate".


As a child, Inessa practically does not give parents any worries, she grows up as a healthy and obedient child. Inessa studies well at school, pleases her teachers. Likes to read, goes in for sports. Inessa is very sociable, but prefers friendship with boys.

Growing up, Inessa becomes stubborn, obstinate and self-confident. Her character is changing for the worse.

Inessa, born in winter, a confident woman, usually achieves significant success in life. Born in the summer, on the other hand, is indecisive and insecure.

Inessa is vulnerable and very sensitive. She lives in her own fictional world. However, despite this, Inessa is an independent woman. Her house is always open for guests, she loves feasts very much. Inessa marries for love, marriage always develops successfully.

Inessa can work as a teacher, hairdresser, stylist, journalist, culinary specialist, sound engineer, make-up artist, musician, programmer.


Inessa is liked by men, she is quite beautiful, interesting in conversation, elegant and moderately eccentric. She loves to play a love drama, asserting herself in the big world with love and trying to establish herself over her partner. Before having sexual intercourse with the chosen one, she must fall in love with him.

For Inessa, sex is an integral part of love. But Inessa does not accept sex without love. She is able to captivate a man, skillfully adapting to him. Inessa speaks directly to the man about her feelings and sensations and she herself really needs words. Inessa is just the case when people love with their ears.

Inessa has been looking for true love all her life, not being satisfied with light erotic adventures. In a close relationship with a man, she appreciates his reliability, she needs to constantly feel security and peace.

For intimacy, she needs a comfortable, preferably home, environment, she is very sensitive to external stimuli, especially to an extraneous smell, if she feels it, she can lose all desire for intimacy.

The ideal man for Inessa is a patient, tactful man who does not insist in a sexual relationship on what she does not like.

Inessa is extremely loving, appreciates his sexual abilities in her husband and is jealous of his temporary restraint.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Scorpio, Sagittarius, Taurus.


The sound of the name Inessa gives the impression of something good, safe, light.

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