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The island of Sri Lanka was not just called! And "Dharma Island", and Serendib, and "Drop of India" and "Tear of India". But everyone knows a different name - Ceylon. Yes, yes, that very tea with an elephant, which a huge number of people remember - as a real Ceylon tea.

And what various legends are connected directly with this majestic island: the Buddha based himself on the path to paradise, and that Adam was supposedly here, and the main epic hero of the ancient Indian epic "Ramayana" lived in his own kingdom.

Buddhism penetrated this island unhindered and very quickly. It was brought from India by monks, and the locals accepted the new religion willingly. Buddhists can never kill, as well as lie, steal and the like. At the same time, they all eat, including meat dishes.

In cities, there is easy crime, they can safely rob. But still, the taboo on killing has been introduced in relation to all living things on earth - this is the most important commandment.

As a result, there are many national parks in the country, where chipmunks run around the premises and along the streets in countless numbers, and at the same time brazenly devour all existing food - and they are not touched.

There are few Hindus in the center and in the south of the country, so sacred cows are extremely rare, but still there. It is forbidden for Buddhists to smoke and drink. As a result, the overwhelming majority of the population does not smoke or drink alcohol.

The island of Sri Lanka can deservedly be called the island of educated people, as it ranks second in Asia in terms of education after majestic Japan. In the cities, there is separate education for boys and girls. There are no such conditions in the villages, so schooling can be shared. Coeducation can also be in a separate kind of private schools for the very wealthy.

But in general, all education is free, including higher education. Among other things, all textbooks for teaching and material used for school uniforms are free. The girls have very cute school uniforms - a snow-white short dress, which, in the conditions of very polluted cities, simply makes one conclude that they wash their school uniforms every day. And in another way - it is simply impossible.

Eight year school is compulsory for everyone. A teenager who graduated from high school with good grades can enter a higher education institution without exams. Education on the island is secular, but the schools are different, and it mainly depends on the religion. 93% of the total indigenous population of Sri Lanka are literate people, which is a very high indicator for Asia.

All local residents thoroughly know their native language, as well as understand the language of other residents, and of course, they all speak excellent English. And this is the heritage of the British.

In Sri Lanka, medicine is also free. That is, all Ceylon medicine is divided into 3 parts. Free official European, Ayurvedic and expensive paid European. There are a lot of paid hospitals, especially in Colombo - this is a whole residential area, but all, without any exception, can count on free qualified medical care. Many people believe in the oldest Ayurveda, and they turn to it on an ongoing basis.

In Sri Lanka, life expectancy is quite high for Asia: 76 years for women and 72 years for men, which is also quite a lot for a country with a very low income. In this respect, the situation is without any doubt better than in Russia.

Of course, Sri Lankan society retains a huge number of features, so to speak, of a traditional society with all its pluses and minuses. Suffice it to say that the indigenous people do not immediately understand the questions about all kinds of premarital relationships. They all say: It is not accepted, as you can, ashamed. But, in the mountainous regions of the country, there was still a huge variety of forms of marriage.

Marriages in Sri Lanka are very strong, but sometimes divorce happens. The bride brings a dowry to the groom's house, and this depends on the condition of her own family. There are few more women here than men, marriages take place either for love (which happens extremely rarely), or by a certain agreement of the parents. Finance, horoscopes, caste, race - everything here has its own meaning. Horoscopes are especially important - without them nothing happens at all.

In cities, there are mainly two children per family, but in villages there are correspondingly more. Elderly parents, in addition to the pension received from the state (if they worked in the public service, everyone else does not receive), enjoy the support of their already adult children who work. At the same time, the average salary in cities is about $ 200 per month.

The role of women in the family is very important. According to the tradition of the country, she sits at home, although for some reason women are found in almost all existing jobs in Sri Lanka. And this is again the same legacy of the British. There are also women among parliamentarians (three times the prime minister, under which Sri Lanka was legally admitted to the UN - a woman), and even once a woman was the president of Sri Lanka.

But with all this, all women work in national state clothes - this is a sari, which is their official dress code. In most cases, a huge number of urban men are dressed in trousers and shirts, but there are also men in sarongs.

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