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Everyone knows that a bicycle is the most affordable and widespread means of transport in the world. It has many advantages - lightness, small size, independence from fuel, mobility and low price.

Where cars are stuck in multi-kilometer traffic jams, the bike will quickly rush between the rows. Some bicycles break records, but not even temporary ones, but price ones.

Who would have thought that this item with two wheels could also be a good investment? Below are some of the most expensive bicycles on the market.

"Butterfly" Trek Madone, $ 500k. This bike was created in collaboration with renowned contemporary artist Damien Hirst. The basis for the record-holder was the conveyor belt, already expensive, "Trek Madone". This bike was created in honor of the famous cyclist Lance Armstrong, who was able to defeat cancer and triumphantly return to the sport. As a result, the American was able to become the most titled cyclist. Damien Hirst raised hundreds of butterflies to decorate this unique model. All of them were then neatly killed, and their wings were glued to the main components of the vehicle. This decision, while very sophisticated, has angered animal rights advocates. They considered that such mockery of living beings can hardly be considered art.

Trek Yoshitomo Nara Speed ​​Concept, $ 200k. This carbon bike was created by Japanese artist Yoshimoto Nara. The vehicle is adorned with portraits of angry children throughout, plus the words "Livestrong" and "Bontrager" are everywhere. And this bike is the result of inspiration from the successes of Lance Armstrong. The Japanese creation went on sale in 2009. And this price was offered for him at the Sotheby's auction. It will be pertinent to note that at that auction, about a million dollars of the proceeds from all lots of funds went to the cancer fund, founded by the legendary cyclist himself.

Kaws Trek Madone, $ 160,000. This bike was sold at the same auction. And it is dedicated to the famous American athlete, or rather his participation in the Milan-San Remo race in 2009. A distinctive feature of the model is the teeth, drawn not only over the entire body, but even on the wheels. The bike is Armstrong's favorite, and the Kaws studio has taken over the decoration. It is her signature style that is such teeth gnawing space.

Aurumania Crystal Edition Gold Bike, 101-114 thousand dollars. The high cost of this bike can be explained simply - it is almost all covered with 24-carat gold. This metal is present in the frame, wheels and even the spokes. In addition, the bike is also decorated with 600 Swarovski crystals. The highest quality leather was used for the manufacture of the seat and handlebars. The name of the manufacturing company runs along the crossbar. In total, 10 copies of such a bicycle were published. Each of them has a 10-year warranty. In addition, for an additional fee of 6 thousand dollars, the lucky owner can also purchase a special rack for his treasure. Needless to say, it is also gilded and decorated with crystals? Once again, Lance Armstrong was the inspiration for this bike. The proceeds from the sale of the expensive model will go to his cancer fund.

Trek Madone 7-Diamond, $ 75k This bike is no different in shape from the standard Madone 5.9. That's just such a sample is its exclusive version. The fact is, as reflected in the name, "Trek Madone 7-Diamond" is adorned with one hundred white diamonds and seven more one-carat imitation diamonds. They posted the number "7". The rest of the details are gilded. The jeweler Alan Friedman and the artist Lenny Futura created such a sample. The reason for the creation of such a bike is no longer difficult to guess - this is again Lance Armstrong, or rather his seventh victory in the Tour de France. The manufacturer put up a price tag for this bike at $ 60,000, but at a charity auction in 2005 it was sold to an anonymous buyer for $ 75,000. And in this case, part of the money went to the athlete's charitable foundation.

Chrome Hearts x Cervelo Bike, $ 60K This model is the result of a collaboration between luxury brand Chrome Hearts and the Canadian cycling company Cervelo. Her production P4 TT bikes cost "only" 6 thousand dollars and lack that luxury, inherited by the brother. The novelty received refined leather, imitation diamonds and precious metals for decoration. It goes without saying that the party of the elite bicycle came out very limited.

Rare silver mountain bike for ladies from Tiffany, 50-70 thousand dollars. This bike will undoubtedly appeal to those who prefer the style of the last century, in particular the rare and unusual creations of Tiffany. This creation was created back in 1890. Its handles are carved from ivory. Not many people can have the luxury of such a vehicle. The same bike was created especially for Lillian Russell, one of the most famous actresses and singers of the late 19th - early 20th centuries. She became famous for her beauty and style, as well as her beautiful voice. Especially for her, Tiffany created this model, which should remind of that beautiful woman. It is expected that its price at Bonhams auction will exceed 50 thousand dollars.

Montante Luxury Gold Collection, $ 46,000. Created its own elite expensive bike for ladies. The representative of this collection is covered with 24-carat gold and decorated with 11 thousand Swarovski crystals installed on almost all nodes. For the upholstery of the seat and steering wheel, a delicate python skin was used. And such an elegant bike is produced by the Italian company "Montante Cicli" under the leadership of Antonello Montante. It is claimed that the products of this brand are considered very prestigious and are quickly sold out by the weak half. The front light, clutch and brakes are all in the traditional style that was present in the company's products back in the 1930s.

Beru F1 systems Factor 001, 33-40 thousand dollars. This product is made of carbon by the British concern Beru F1 Systems to show the possibilities of their technologies. It is argued that such a high cost is fully justified. The fact is that the bike is equipped with additional features. In addition to the improved design, there are tools for the athlete's wellness training. They include an on-board computer, a GPS positioning system and a radio transmitter. Despite the powerful stuffing, the bike weighs less than 7 kilograms. It is best to drive it on asphalt, but such a surface will allow you to overcome long distances. The customer can state his wishes for handcrafting a very light, but at the same time rigid frame.

Litespeed Blade, $ 39k This device was created by the American company "Litespeed". The manufacturer decided to pay maximum attention to the aerodynamic properties of this bike, while also reducing its weight. The vehicle came out very fast, just for the highway. And it weighs only 7 kilograms, because the most modern lightweight materials were used in the cooking process. So, powerful and fashionable disc brakes were embarrassing with their severity, as were the gear shifters. Instead, the bike is equipped with lighter rim brakes and ultra-fast and lightweight electric shifters. The cost of a bicycle can reach a maximum of 39 thousand, depending on the components chosen by the buyer.

KGS "Tier 3" custom bike, $ 30k. This bike is made in high-tech style. The author of such a "toy", costing a good car, was made by the famous designer Kevin Saunders. He has his own bike shop in Texas, where for 25 years custom-made bicycles have been created, taking into account the individual characteristics and wishes of the client. Saunders' models fit as well as formal suits and start at $ 8,000. He himself says that custom design is the only way to achieve pleasure. The same bike has embodied all the newest technologies, which is designed to make the ride as comfortable as possible. Aesthetes will undoubtedly appreciate the subtle wood trim of the bike. Experts believe this is Saunders' best creation, a Rolls-Royce bike of sorts, and only a handful of these bikes are produced each year, each with a lifetime warranty.

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