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What is the most expensive alcoholic beverage in the world? Most will name cognac. While some of the bottles are just museum pieces, while others are regular kitsch, there are some that are still in production.

Most expensive beer. Beer is traditionally considered the cheapest alcoholic beverage. But there are also quite expensive representatives here. Everyone can afford beer. But how many people want to buy a bottle of foamy drink for $ 52? Even for most connoisseurs, this is an exorbitant price. True, it is due to the fact that Tutankhamun beer is the strongest - alcohol in it is 25% vol. The drink was so unique that the first bottle of it was sold at an auction. The owner of the rare beer paid $ 7,686 for it. The rest of the batch was sold at a much more modest, but still high price of $ 76 per bottle. But even this beer cannot be considered the most expensive retail beer. London's Bierdrome bar sells Vielle Bon Secours beer, which costs about $ 1,000 per bottle.

The most expensive sherry. If you are a true connoisseur of Jerez, then you should know that the most expensive such drink costs 43,500 dollars. It belongs to the Massandra collection back in 1775. A bottle of Jerez de la Frontera was sold at Sotheby's in London in 2001. Although the collection itself is considered one of the best, there is nothing unique about the wine itself. Connoisseurs pay essentially for its age, although it is believed that the drink inside the bottle is alive.

The most expensive rum. The best rum is made, of course, in Jamaica. And the most expensive is also there. A bottle of this pirate drink costs 51 thousand dollars. This valuable rum was bottled on the island in 1940. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that mixtures made before 1915 were used in the manufacture. This made the bottle of Jamaican rum the most expensive in the world. The drink was demonstrated at the first rum festival in Europe, RomFest. There are only 4 such unopened bottles left in the world. Their uniqueness lies in the Wray and Nephew Rum technology, now lost. At one time in the 1930s, the Mai Tai cocktail became very popular. As a result, interest in rum died out, and its production decreased. In accordance with the requirements of modern times, factories have changed the technology for the production of alcoholic beverage. Now the rum is not what it used to be. And whoever opens the Jamaican drink will be able to find out what kind of real old rum it is.

Most expensive wine. But wine is in much greater demand among collectors. The most expensive wine was sold in 2006 for 90 thousand dollars to some anonymous American buyer. The drink was bottled in 1787, in many ways remarkable. When peasants were picking grapes in Bordeaux, George Washington was proclaimed the first president of the United States, France was preparing to chop off the heads of royalty, and James Watt invented the steam engine. Chateau Lafite wine was bought in France by Thomas Jefferson, who was yet to become the president of America. He was an avid wine collector. In 1985, the collectible bottle was sold for 160 thousand dollars to Christopher Forbes. The value of wine is in who was its first owner, as well as in the fact that the initials of Jefferson are engraved on the bottle. His collection is generally in demand. In 1989, another bottle of "Chateau Margot" was sold, also in 1787. It was acquired by the Four Seasons restaurant solely for demonstration purposes. However, at the end of the show, the awkward waiter turned the table over with a valuable bottle on it. It's good that she was insured for 225 thousand dollars. However, sometimes such a purchase looks questionable. After all, it is believed that wine cannot maintain its qualities for centuries. Over time, it turns into regular vinegar. So, most likely, it is he who is contained inside such collectible bottles. But finding out the truth will be difficult. Even if the owners of this ancient wine dare to taste it someday, they are unlikely to tell the disappointing truth.

The most expensive white wine. The most expensive bottle of white wine can be considered the Château d'Yquem of 1811. Private collector Christian Vanneck paid 75 thousand pounds for it. Of all the sweet white wines, this is considered the finest and therefore the most expensive. The fact is that in 1811 unique favorable weather conditions developed. In addition, the Big Comet flew over the Earth that year, which could directly affect the quality of the wine. And expert reviews praise Château d'Yquem. The buyer stated that he is not just investing his funds in this way. Wine was also purchased for pleasure. The unique drink will be placed in a sealed and bulletproof box with a constant temperature. It will exhibit the wine for the next six years at the owner's restaurant The SIP Sunset Grill in Bali. Christian Vanneck promised that he would open a valuable bottle on the fiftieth anniversary of his start in Paris. He is going to share the pleasure of tasting with his brothers, wife and friends. At the same time, Vanneck has already planned out the future menu of the party.

The most expensive Spluch tequila. This drink is highly prized for its expensive bottle. It is made of platinum and white gold. As a result, tequila, presented in 2006 in Mexico City, costs as much as 255 thousand dollars. This amount was not spared by a certain private collector. The record-breaking tequila variety sounds loud - Ultra Premium Lei 925. Inside - alcohol that has undergone triple purification and has 8, 10, 12 years of aging. Tequila is made from Agave and produced a unique drink by the La Capilla Hacienda Distillery in Los Altos, Jalisco. The same company showed the world an even more valuable exhibit - a bottle for a million euros. It is covered with four kilograms of pure platinum and silver, and 6000 diamonds were used for the inlay. But nobody has yet decided to buy such a valuable drink. The company is even ready to pay a tenth of the value of a valuable item to someone who finds a buyer. But the new owner will be able to choose the contents of the precious bottle, it can be not only tequila, but also cognac.

The most expensive champagne. A sense of wonder and celebration is associated with this drink. But for some people, champagne is not just a joyous drink, but a serious investment of money. It is difficult to say whether such people will ever want to drink this valuable drink. There is a lot of really expensive champagne in the world and this list is only growing. One of these drinks can be considered Brut champagne 1900. It was sold at auction for $ 17,625 to an anonymous buyer. Not so long ago, a limited edition of Pernod-Ricard Perrier-Joet of one hundred boxes of 12 bottles was sold. The cost of each of them was about 50 thousand dollars. This price makes this champagne almost the most expensive in the world. But the clear leader among such drinks is the Heidsieck 1907 series. This collection of 2 thousand bottles was lifted from a shipwreck. The Swedish ship "Jönköping" crashed in the Gulf of Finland and was only found in 1998. It carried elite alcohol for Nicholas II during the First World War. But in 1916, the ship was torpedoed by a German submarine, sank off the coast of Finland. Nevertheless, most of the cargo was able to survive, including a rare Hiedsieck champagne called the Blue Diamond. It was made in 1907. For 80 years, the alcohol lay under water when divers investigating the site of the shipwreck discovered a unique cargo. As a result, a bottle of 1907 Heidsieck champagne from that batch sold for more than $ 275,000. This made the drink the most expensive of its kind in the world. In addition, experts believe that in fact, champagne is generally 300 years old. It arrived in the country from the French vineyards Heidsieck. Such a venerable age and unusual history make the drink rare and expensive. They say that its quality is just wonderful.

The most expensive vodka. The word "vodka" is most often associated with Russia. Meanwhile, the most expensive vodka in the world is made not in our country, but in Scotland. It is called Diva vodka, or Prima Donna's vodka. It costs about a million dollars. The price is explained by the fact that the bottle itself is trimmed with precious and semi-precious stones, including diamonds. The very same vodka is a triple distillate. After cleaning, it is also passed through fine diamond chips. The vodka is then filtered using Scandinavian birch charcoal. The buyer can order his own bottle shape. Each piece contains quite a few stones. Their number and size directly depend on the amount paid by the customer. There is also a glass center inside each bottle, which contains various semi- and precious stones, including diamonds. With the change in the set, the price of the bottle also changes. True, you can buy Diva vodka in the simplest version for "only" $ 3700. But the maximum bottle decoration will cost a million.

The most expensive cognac. This drink has long been considered the most expensive alcohol in the world. Henri IV Dudognon Heritage Cognac is estimated at $ 2 million! Its specificity lies in the fact that its aging is one hundred years. The barrels used were previously air-dried for five years. The result is an elite alcoholic drink with a strength of 41%. But the bottle is valuable not only for its contents. It is unique in itself. The bottle was processed with platinum and gold, for which 4 kilograms of precious metals were spent. And 6500 diamonds were spent to decorate the elite cognac.

Most expensive whiskey. And in this category, records do not hold for a long time. The producer calls the drink-record holder no less "water of life". The whiskey is called Isabella's Islay. His bottle was made of the finest English crystal, which was then processed with white gold, adorned with diamonds and rubies. The drink is absolutely natural, single malt. It was created on the Scottish island of Islay. This is the best whiskey there is. There are two types of such a drink on the market - Special and Original. The unusual whiskey is produced by the English company Luxury Beverage. It is said that this edition has successfully combined the skill of the jeweler and the producer of the drink. The bottle is encrusted with diamonds all over its surface, and along the base there is an inscription Rubies. Even the cork here is unusual - it is made of the finest white gold. The crystal decanter was also covered with diamonds before being coated with precious stones. The most interesting question is how much is all this beauty worth? The answer is astonishing - $ 6.2 million. Decent price for the 300 Rubies, 8500 Diamonds, rare crystal and white gold that the bottle is made of. True, the company launched a simpler option at retail. "Only" for 740 thousand dollars you can buy a special edition of Isabella's Islay whiskey. The decanter is also made of crystal and trimmed with white gold. But the owner will be deprived of such an abundance of stones.

The most expensive liquor in the world. It is liquor that is the most expensive alcoholic drink in the world. Its creator Stuart Hughes named his creation D'Amalfi Limoncello Supreme. Although the drink itself is quite unique, the main cost lies in the bottle. As a result, the liquor will cost its new owner $ 43 million. The custom-made bottle has three large and flawless 13-carat diamonds on the neck. And on the body of the bottle is another diamond weighing 18.5 carats. It is also very rare. In total, only two such unique bottles were created with delicious liqueur produced by the Italian factory Antica Russo. At the same time, one of them was immediately acquired for a certain Italian aristocratic lady, and the other was put up for auction. This liqueur has a yellowish color and greenish reflections. It has a pure and rich lemon flavor, exuding an aromatic citrus scent. Limoncello is a national drink in Italy based on these fruits. To prepare liqueur, lemons are left in a mixture of sugar and alcohol for at least 20 days. Typically, these drinks are served either before meals or in the afternoon as a mild relaxation remedy. It is believed that the best limoncello is the one made from the sweet lemons native to the Amalfi Coast. Therefore, there is no doubt that the exclusive D'Amalfi Limoncello Supreme will have a perfect taste.

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