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Meaning of the name

Emilia translated from Latin means "zealous".


As a child, Emilia is a healthy, cheerful girl with an unbalanced nervous system. Undeserved punishment is remembered for life, which can contribute to the emergence of inferiority complexes in adulthood.

Emilia loves quiet games, loves communication with adults, loves when her father tells her funny stories.

At an older age, he composes fairy tales, has a rich imagination. She studies well, grasps everything on the fly.

Emilia, born in winter, is strong and energetic, does not sit idle. Emilia is studying at the institute, completing her postgraduate studies. He is fond of natural sciences and less often exact ones.

Emilia, born in spring, is a holiday woman, cheerful, witty, noisy. Stubborn, persistent, comprehensively developed, can support a conversation on any topic. It is impossible to confuse her. Emilia is very demanding and picky, self-critical.

Emilia, born in the fall, plunges headlong into work, if this is her favorite thing. Can be an excellent financier, economist, politician.

Emilia, born in summer, is calm, balanced, unpretentious, kind. Family comes first for her.

Emilia loves to work in the garden, plant flower beds, often becomes a famous botanist.

Emilia is mostly friends with men. In marriage, Emilia is strict and reasonable, loves to plan everything. First, he strives to equip life, then give birth to children. The financial situation of her husband does not bother her. Emilia is ready to work with her husband for the good of the family.


Emilia dreams of loyalty, devotion. She invents for herself the ideal of a lover, which is very far from the real man who is next to her, and this does not allow her to live a full-blooded erotic life.

Emilia is too independent, her behavior in love is sometimes unpredictable, she can suddenly, for no reason, break off the connection with a man, her sexual behavior is also different in extremes.

In any case, she sees a meaningful goal in sex - procreation. Stormy, passionate attraction to a man is not inherent in her. Emilia often remains on good terms with those with whom she was intimate.

During meetings with a man, she shows incredible energy and dedication. She evokes strong sexual emotions in her partners, but she herself rarely responds in kind, although she loves excitable, active men.

Often in her youth, she experiences unsuccessful love and then fears serious affection. Emilia is afraid of the manifestations of her feelings, fearing to be mistaken in a partner. She lives in the happy confidence that there is an ideal man who is only waiting for her.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Scorpio, Leo, Virgo, Aquarius.


The sound of the name Emilia gives the impression of something small, loud.

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