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Meaning of the name

The name was invented arbitrarily from the male name Bogdan.


Bogdana is an obedient, kind, flexible and unobtrusive child. She does not cause trouble for parents or educators. She remains the same in her school years, there are always many friends and girlfriends around her.

Born in winter, with a contradictory character, stubborn and persistent. They are closer to their father than to their mother, and indeed Bogdana is entirely similar to her father. Those born in winter are very active persons, this is the type of “student-social activist”. They are reasonable: first they will think, and then they will do it.

Bogdans born in summer are softer, much kinder, their kindness often gives them a lot of trouble. They love animals: different dogs, cats, pigeons. They are hardworking, good at sewing and knitting. They get married well. It is difficult to get along with new people and it is just as difficult to part.

Those born in spring are vulnerable and sensitive, susceptible to respiratory diseases. They have a developed sense of beauty, they know how to dress with taste. The house of these women is always neat and comfortable.

Bogdans successfully work as doctors, engineers, accountants, educators, cooks, hairdressers, dressmakers, among them there are actresses, artists, musicians.

Violations of the cardiovascular system are often observed. At school age, due to improper nutrition, there may be complications with the intestines. By old age, vision deteriorates sharply, varicose veins are worried.


She is very affectionate, soft, picky about men. He rarely achieves an advantage over his partner, but will not give himself up to insult himself. Bogdana is an addicted person, curious about everything related to sex.

She is far from indifferent to erotic games, she is susceptible to male caresses, to the touch of a loving male hand to her body, she is especially sensitive to breast caresses.

Not any partner can bring Bogdana to a climax in order to give her the highest pleasure, he must be especially gentle and inventive in a love game, which for Bogdana can mean more than the sexual act itself.

Just loving Bogdana is not enough, you still need to master all the difficult art of intimacy. Bogdana is able to unexpectedly for her partner, amaze him, to show previously unknown sexual abilities. She always enjoys the feeling of novelty in dealing with a man.

If something goes wrong with Bogdana in an intimate relationship, she withdraws into herself, suffers, but cannot clarify them in an open conversation with a partner. She would rather end all relations with him, although she will not stop suffering and worry.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Leo, Virgo, Cancer.


The sound of Bogdan's name gives the impression of something good, majestic, rough, courageous, strong, cold, loud, brave, mighty, big, agile, fast, active, bright.

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