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Abig - chant
Avet, Avetik, Avetis - blessing, sacred knowledge
Agasi - unshakable
Azat - free
Hayk, Haykaz - unity
Hakob - may God help and protect
Amazasp - victorious defender
Hmayak - sincere, supreme spirit
Ambartsum - ascension, glowing, sparkling in the sky
Amo - walking
Ananias is one of a kind
Macaw - noble
Arakel - apostle, divine protector
Aram - noble
Argam - worthy
Argishti - worthy of love
Areg - sun, sacred movement (sign)
Aristakes - Holy Protector
Armen, Armenak - the spirit of the Aryans
Arsen is a noble warrior
Artavazd - the abode of truth
Artak - aspiring to the sun
Artash, Artashes - striving for truth
Artem - the path to truth
Arthur - the light of truth
Artush - striving for light
Harutyun - resurrection
Arushan - solar face
Arshavir - solar hero
Arshak - the life-giving sun
Atom - divine spirit
Ashot is the hope of this world

Babken - the wise father
Bagdasar is a blessed force
Bagish - delight with happiness
Bagram - the happiness of love
Bagrat - the joy of love
Barseg is very influential
Barkhudar - the worshiper of forces

Vahagn - the omnipresent fire
Vahan - shield, omnipresent
Vagharsh, Vagharshak - the omnipresent sun
Wagram - the swiftness of the tiger
Vazgen - the light of sacred knowledge
Vanik - merchant
Varazdat - the gift of space
Vardan - reward
Vardvan is a patriot who loves the country
Vardges - king (lion) of the country
Varuzhan - born to be a protector
Vasak - the light of the eyes
Wahak - the omnipresent sun
Wahinak - Sun Warrior
Vachagan - fiery speech
Vache - speech, word
Vigen - strong, powerful
Virab - Protector Hero
Vramshapuh - a good oath

Gagik - heavenly
Calouste - parish, coming to the house
Geregin - the fire of sacred knowledge
Garnik - a lamb, a sacrificial lamb, led to the fire
Garsevan - Fire Worshiper
Gaspar - going to free
Gegham - home
Grant is a holy book
Gurgen - sacred knowledge from a spiritual teacher

David is beloved
Derenik - humbly worshiping God
Jivan is a living embodied soul

Egish - thirsty for power
Yervand - holy faith, holy veneration

Zhirayr - lively, lively Aryan (man)

Zaven - well-bred, humble
Zory - priest of the cult of the sun and fire
Zurab - divine, fragrant

Kamari - holy love
Karapet - the lord of the rays of the sun, the sun
Karen - elephant
Kerop - solar arrow
Kykos - hard, resistant
Kyrakos - chronicler
Koryun - chanting, praising God, the sun

Mamikon is mine
Markar - the path of the Aryans, the noble path
Mher - sunny
Melkon - meeting the sun
Melkum - meeting the dawn
Mesrop - moon arrow
Mechak - carnation, sun eye
Mihran - a sunny face
Minas - fish
Mushegh is excellent

Nerses - the birth of a hero
Nubar - praise

Ogan, Hovhannes, Hovhannes - fiery

Panos - amazing, wonderful
Parkev - reward, the custom of libation (associated with sacrifice)
Partev - lord, king, warrior
Paruyr - a spiral filled with light
Parunak - a particle of god
Patvakan - dignity, honor from a young age
Petros - stone, fatherly, fatherly
Pogos - boy

Rachia - creation, creation

Sahak - the power of the sun
Sagatel - a sign of power
Sako - divine
Sanasar - the power of eternity
Santur - sacred light
Sapah - worshiping God
Sargis - the power of nature
Saro is strong

Tatevos - the path of the ancestors
Tatos - paternal
Tatul - Father's Joy
Tyrant is a sacred face
Bargaining is a walking savior
Toros - pressure, Energy
Trdat - a gift from the gods

Unan - golden face, sun
Antenna - morning

Harput - solar lotus
Khoren - sun
Khosrov - throwing a victim into a stream of fire (associated with sacrifice)

Shavarsh - the power of the sun
Shmavon - Peaceful

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