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Meaning of the name

Arkhip translated from Greek means "chief of the cavalry".


Develops normally, gets stronger quickly. She loves increased attention to herself, after a year she becomes a mobile and noisy child. Mischievous, does not listen to elders. Establishes equal relationships with children, does not strive for leadership, but knows how to stand up for himself.

He is an average student, but knows the subjects that interest him well. Even at school age, he chooses a profession, enters a university, successfully graduates and gets a good job in life.

If he meets obstacles, he knows how to find workarounds in achieving the goal. He knows his worth, has the art of teaching himself profitably, leaving a good opinion about himself. He is brave and decisive in actions, quickly achieves a good position in society, he is appreciated as a specialist, as a good organizer.

She is not afraid to change jobs and is always looking for a better place. This name speaks not only of the masculinity and even some belligerence of the carrier, but also that he is worthy to occupy a post that requires extraordinary abilities.

He is a skeptic who does not believe in revelation and intuition. Smart, efficient, reliable, can do anything. An ideal performer without any claims to a leadership position. His healthy ambition never turns into morbid vanity.

Easily adapts to any life situations, can drop everything and start from scratch. In everyday life, he is clean, overly squeamish. Everything in his house glitters, even if he leads a bachelor lifestyle. He marries once, is patient in family relationships, believes that divorce will not solve problems, and no other woman can become an ideal wife. He knows how to surround his family with attention.

Arkhip always rests separately from his family, in sanatoriums or rest homes, so as not to think about anything, not to bother himself with unnecessary troubles. Easily makes acquaintances, loves to travel as a tourist. She loves friendly parties, plays chess well.

A fine connoisseur of everything beautiful, well versed in music, painting. There is something to talk about with him, a lot can be learned from him. He is strict in raising children, very demanding of them, tries to give a good education.


Arkhip is characterized by emotional impulses in sex, refinement of feelings, a subtle psychological approach to a partner. He is loving and impressionable, relies on his charm and intuitive feeling. Arkhip can quickly fall in love, but just as quickly become disappointed and look for a new hobby.

Arkhip leads a meaningful sex life, takes it seriously, perceiving sex not only as a way of procreation, but also as a source of sensual pleasures that bring mutual joy to partners.

He is truly happy if he finds understanding from his girlfriend and can painlessly discuss any intimate topics with her. Love, tenderness and sexual satisfaction - these things are inextricably linked with him.

Arkhip is able to achieve success with almost any woman, conquering her with his passion, perseverance and at the same time careful attitude.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Capricorn, Leo.


The sound of the name Arkhip gives the impression of something complex, rough, feminine, weak, quiet, small, slow, passive, dull, sad.

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