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Meaning of the name

Amalia in translation from German means "diligent".


Amalia is disciplined, knows how to organize her day so that everything is in time. Has an innate sense of duty. Executive and obligatory. However, getting her to do something is difficult, she can only be convinced that it is necessary. She has many friends, most of them boys. She is in no way inferior to them.

Loves sports, has wrestling qualities, can become a professional athlete. Reads a lot, preferring science fiction literature. She is responsive and kind, peers are drawn to her.

Outwardly it is similar to the father, and the internal genotype is inherited from the mother. He helps her with pleasure, spends a lot of time in the kitchen. Thanks to this, he learns to cook early and already at the age of sixteen may well start an independent life. In the family, she is the beloved daughter.

Amalia is an open, honest person, not capable of pettiness and hypocrisy. She does not tolerate gossip and backbiting, never supports a conversation if they talk about an absent, and even not too pleasant things.

She is too trusting, she is easily deceived, although you cannot call her naive. She just wants to trust people, wants to think well of them. Striving for perfection makes Amalia demanding both to herself and to others. Amalia is practical and adventurous, especially "autumn". Her advice is always helpful, and many of her friends listen to them; Amalia is rarely mistaken.

Amalia, born in spring, is an irrepressible enthusiast, easily carried away, energetic and impetuous in action. She tries to help everyone, her warmth is enough for many, many. She knows how to win over herself, she is influential and generous at the same time.

Amalia, born in summer, is a born intellectual. Her demeanor is impeccable, communication with her is so pleasant that she is rarely alone; knows how to create a favorable climate in any team, her authority is undeniable.

Amalia is an optimist: radiating constant cheerfulness, she instills faith in good. She never gives up without a fight, she knows how to achieve her goal.

She gets married late, is honest in relationships, cannot marry of convenience, is waiting for her prince. She is a wonderful housewife, she loves to cook very much, she is neat, sometimes excessively. All this is judged by her mother-in-law. For Amalia, she is like a mother. Amalia knows how to avoid conflicts, happiness and tranquility reign in her house. A boy is born to her.


Modest in appearance, but not letting you forget about yourself. These are very truthful natures, with rather contradictory character traits, at the same time restrained and wanting to please.

There is a certain amount of fake naivety and feigned innocence in their sensitivity, which make a strong impression on men.

Amalia encounters the practice of sex much later. Amalia has a great need for male affection, she puts it above the sexual capabilities of a man.

Amalia can break up with her partner if she lacks affection, even if she receives sexual satisfaction from him. She herself, in return, knows how to give her partner a sea of ​​unique sensations, anticipating all his desires, showing amazing emotional relaxedness.

Amalia does not tolerate men who are cold or inexperienced, she has no desire, like some other women, to kindle men, much less teach them sex.


Navy blue.

A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Amalia gives the impression of something bright, joyful.

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