Agatha (Agafya)

Meaning of the name

Agatha translated from Greek means "good, kind". In Russian transcription corresponds to the name Agafya.


Agatha is distinguished by calmness, sufficient firmness and, perhaps most importantly, rare consistency and consistency. In a word, the age-old jokes about female logic are of little use to Agatha.

The only exceptions are those women who prefer to be called Agafyas - in this case, significant emotionality is traced in their character, one might even say the passion of nature and, therefore, sensuality prevails over logic.

Thus, it can be assumed that for Agatha and Agafya, despite the kinship of names, fate will develop in different ways. However, everything depends on her, because no one bothers her one day to use the other sound of her name.

As for Agatha, her poise and consistency usually make her life quite calm, without much ups and downs. She is good-natured and patient, while the activity characteristic of the energy of the name is most often reflected in a good sense of humor.

In most cases, she is characterized by optimism and a cheerful attitude towards life. The image of the magnificent writer Agatha Christie also plays a significant role, which can awaken the imagination of modern Agatha and have a beneficial effect on her self-esteem.

However, even without this, a beautiful name can indulge one's vanity, it is a pity that this somewhat relaxes Agatha and does not give her enough incentive to self-realization in any profession. But in family life, her spiritual qualities can bring good results, especially if you do not try to influence her by force - in normal human language you can always agree with her.

Agafya has other problems - she has more than enough incentives for self-realization, but her increased emotionality often prevents her from making a career. And in her relationship with close people, her kindness, loyalty and commitment are often somewhat overshadowed by excessive touchiness and passion.

In a word, it would be nice for her to borrow a little of her calmness from Agatha, but Agatha, in turn, to learn from Agafya some passion. It is this kind of synthesis that can maximally ensure success in life and peace in the family.

Despite the differences in the characters of Agatha and Agafya, they are united by the fact that both of them do not like tough leadership - the first prefers to live with their own, not someone else's, mind, the second - with their feelings. It is from this that we must proceed, wishing to come to an agreement with them. Unreasonable requests do not always act on Agatha, and on Agafya, on the contrary, logical reasoning.


Agatha attaches importance to sexuality only when she meets the man of her dreams, and only if intimate communication helps her to keep the object of her love. She leads the house well, is a hospitable hostess. As a woman, she is worthy of surprise, but whoever is next to her must have a strong character and endurance.


Pink blue.

A rock


Zodiac sign

Aries, Taurus, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces.


The sound of the name Agatha gives the impression of something courageous, powerful.

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