How not to gain weight while working at home

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Today more and more people get the opportunity to work from home. This is beneficial for both the employer and the specialist himself.

But no matter how many days a week an employee works remotely, he will begin to feel that his weight is slowly but steadily growing. Thanks to our advice, you can stay in shape while working and at home.

Stick to a schedule. Working from home is impossible without self-organization. If life is not boiling around and colleagues are not scurrying around, then you can get so carried away by the task that you skip lunch. Such inattention will almost certainly result in subsequent overeating. So it is worth planning not only the order of solving problems, but also finding time for food. This is also an important part of the working day. It is important to monitor the regularity of your sleep. Getting enough sleep is especially important for a freelancer. On the other hand, not having to get up early in the morning for office work is discouraging. So you can stay up late at work. This will lead to a violation of the circadian rhythm, and after all, the connection between lack of sleep and extra pounds has already been proven. It is worth remembering that working from home is not only the ability to sleep at any time, but also the need to regularly observe the regime.

Breakfast. Many do not have time to have breakfast in the morning because they have to get to work as soon as possible. If the office is located at home, you should not refuse breakfast. You need to build your day correctly from the very morning. Let the work begin with breakfast, its end is a signal for starting business. But eating only cereal, as the TV ad calls, is not worth it. Better to have breakfast with eggs, whole grain porridge, cottage cheese, and toast. The morning meal is worth loving, if only because in the process you can eat a lot more than in the evening.

Eat more often, but less. When working from home, you can take advantage of the opportunity to snack regularly. However, it is better to choose small portions. This way the metabolism will proceed in the best possible way. And the feeling of heaviness in the stomach can be avoided. And to make it easier to control your portion sizes, put your food on small plates. You need to chew slowly, so you can get enough of even a small amount of food. And it is quite possible to be distracted from work. With 5-6 short snack breaks, you can avoid downtime and stomp in one place while maintaining critical thinking. You can try the half approach. To do this, the usual portion must be halved. First, you can eat half of the dish, and after an hour - the second. The time interval is short, it is quite possible to restrain yourself.

Create a menu. If you decide what you will have to eat at the time of the onset of hunger, then it will be difficult to talk about the right choice, as well as about the amount of food. There is no time for hesitation! It is worth planning your menu at least a day in advance. This will save time on cooking and will certainly prevent overeating from happening.

Fill the refrigerator with healthy food. With pizza and chips on hand, it’s hard to resist eating them. But these calories are considered "empty". It is worth giving up the temptation and purchasing only healthy products. There should be room in the refrigerator for vegetables, fruits and berries. They will give the body vitamins and glucose for mental work. Fatty fish and vegetable oils provide us with the necessary fats, and the brain is a building material. Durum wheat pasta and whole grain cereals can help you feel full for a long time. Eggs and dairy products provide the body with tyrosine and choline, which improve memory function. And in order to avoid impulsive purchases of "goodies" in the store, it is worth preparing a list of necessary things in advance. Specialized applications on the smartphone will also help.

Form healthy eating habits. It is worth accustoming yourself to certain dietary rules: you need to drink more, chew food thoroughly, snack on fruits, eat more green vegetables, limit sugar intake, and do not eat before bedtime.

Eat only at the table. When working from home, it is tempting to grab something from the table and go about your business, chewing on the go and in front of the monitor. In this case, you will not be able to get pleasure from food. After all, in parallel, the brain will be busy watching news or solving a problem. It is worth fixing the thought in your head - you need to eat in the kitchen, at the table. Then there will be no sudden impulses to chew something at your workplace.

Do not be nervous. Nerves, anger, and intense emotions trigger the desire to be quenched with food. During a stressful process, an unsolvable task or an inconvenient call can easily become a source of anger. You will immediately want to eat something. But is food really enjoyable at such a moment? Anger drowns out the taste, so you just want to eat something not very healthy. This problem can be solved by connecting a natural instrument like breathing. You need to close your eyes and calmly focus on inhaling and exhaling. You must try to breathe in your stomach, spending at least five minutes on the exercise. So the adrenaline level will decrease, calmness will come.

Do sport. Those who work on a strict 9 to 6 pm schedule find it difficult to find time to go to the gym or pool during the day. Freelancers have the opportunity to play sports at a time when the halls are relatively empty. Even if there is no fitness center nearby, you should just walk. You can try to convince yourself that you have purchased a health walking subscription. And when the weather is bad outside, you can do yoga. At least during sports, you don't eat. And after physical exertion, you can return to work with new strength and ideas.

Enjoy. In order not to want to constantly eat, one must learn to enjoy life from other sources. A passion for work can be truly happy. But in life there are other options for getting pleasure: hobbies, personal communication with friends, and just calling loved ones. You need to know what is going on around, attending various events.

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